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Dr. Suresh Nair of BODi Louisville talking about Medical Weight Loss on WAVE 3 Listens

Wave 3 Interview Transcript:

Interviewer: Welcome back to WAVE 3 Listens. It is hot up out here; just the thought of that boat is starting to cool me off a little bit. I feel a little bit better.

All right, putting another log on a fire that is heated back up because I mentioned a new place in town called BODi, Louisville. Now you have heard about a lot of these on medically supervised weight loss clinics, but have you heard of one that actually is owned and operated by a doctor who is inspired because of the health of some of his patients. I want him to talk to you a little bit about that. Dr. Suresh Nair is with us.

Interviewer: Dr. Nair, welcome to the show.

Dr. Nair: Thank you.

Interviewer: And off camera, I asked you and I was sincerely interested and got a better answer than I thought. I said what inspired you as a doctor to open up BODi?

Dr. Nair: I think practicing 20 years, we realized how much obesity and being overweight is really related to their medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.  So over a period of time when we were able to affect their weight management programs, we realized that that had an effect on their disease as well. So, we were able to take them off their medications, a lot of them as far as diabetics are concerned or hypertensives, and improve their health.

Interviewer: I love the sound of this. So, you are a doctor of internal medicine which I have a friend of mine who is a doctor of internal medicine. I know that means a lot at school.  What kind of folks would you see and what kind of symptoms do they have? Obviously, you are saying okay they were overweight and then you mentioned diabetes. I think you and I talked a little about heart disease.  What are the things that can happen negatively to the body due to being overweight?

Dr. Nair: Well, you know, we are dealing with the situation where weight or adipose tissue affects insulin; how it works, and so 93% of the diabetics in this country are diabetics only because of weight and it affects their blood pressure; so in reversing that process, you start to make insulin work better, they don’t become hypertensive, they come off their medications, and the change of lifestyle is what really helps them the most. So in our program what we strive for is for lasting personal transformation. That is really what we are striving for as physicians. It is not just about weight management, it is really about life management.

Interviewer: I see folks coming here and when they talk about weight loss, they talk about the physical transformation, but for you as a doctor it is much more than that. It is not just the physical transformation but the way that you feel, the longevity, our energy level, all of that goes tied into one, doesn’t it?

Dr. Nair:  It certainly does. How they think, what they do on a daily basis, how it effects them long term. Achieving goal of a particular weight is pretty simple and there are lots of programs that do that, but you know staying there is probably the most important thing and that is achieved with the program that they can do for a lifetime. Yes, we do all the medications, we certainly have all the procedures, but I think the most important thing is realizing that there is a way that you have the power to be able to stay exactly where you need to be for the long term.

Interviewer: All right, if you have any questions, I think it is pretty obvious here that this doctor, Dr. Nair, is an expert in the field, 571-5263 and for everyone who calls Dr. Nair with a question regarding any of the procedures and we will talk about those a little bit, will automatically go into, we are going to fill in a pot here, and one of you will be joining at the end of show to win $50 off any procedure that you choose. Speaking of, not only do you have medically supervised weight loss and we are going to talk about a little bit about that program you running a special there, but you also do fillers, Botox; some of it is cosmetic and that is okay, all right?

Dr. Nair: It certainly is. You know, what sets us apart we believe is the fact that all procedures are done by MDs and MDs only. As far as the Botox is concerned, you know, which we give at a rate of $8 per unit, we also have fillers and we do what is known as the liquid facelift and those are also at 10% discount versus you know other facilities, but again they are only done by MDs. We have laser treatments, we have aesthetician who does the wonderful job as far as facial, basically everything that is everything that is done everywhere else, but I think what sets us apart again is that internal medicine is looked upon as being very important in this management.

Interviewer: You know, I am curious, I am amazed that your price is very-very reasonable and may tie into your passion and the fact that you still retain the medical practice, you are able to do this and you are not dependent on it for income, but medically supervised weight loss, now you have heard of some of the prices being thrown around on the show, $245 for three months. That is not expensive, that is quite a bit special one, correct?

Dr. Nair: That is, in it is lumped together for a three-month period. Lot of individuals that come in are able to achieve the majority of where they want to be within that three-month period, so that is why it is really a good price. You know the first time they come in, we are looking at them from head to toe, looking at their medical history again. We cannot seem to forget the fact that, you know, we are internal medicine specialists, so that is what is really important to us. Then really customizing a program to their needs and getting them to a point where we know that they are going to be comfortable, that they have a program thatthey can always rely upon without medications in the future.

Interviewer: I love that, and medically supervised very important and I want to mention this very quickly; your wife is a physician as well?

Dr. Nair: That is right.

Interviewer: Wow! And from what I understand, she is like in-charge some of the fillers and Botox.

Dr. Nair: She does all the procedures, yes.

Interviewer: I love that. We have a caller. Tammy is on the line.

Tammy, welcome to the show, you have Dr. Nair with us. Good afternoon.

Tammy: Good afternoon to you too.  I was going to ask the doctor, I have a bunch of broken veins in my cheeks and around my nose and I have had the ones on my cheeks ever since I was a young kid and I was wondering how are those taken care of?

Dr. Nair: Very small tiny veins or spider veins can be taken care of with the Laser. It depends on the diameter of the veins, but generally we are dealing with a situation that in most cases can be handled with the laser and a consultation, again, is free. You can certainly come to us and we will let you know if that is indeed possible.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for the call, Tammy. Phone lines are open, 571-5263.

Doctor, when I first heard that you are a doctor of internal medicine and I hear you doing BODi, I thought, well, he is over qualified, but then when you explained to me, you said, you know, generally a lot of really serious health issues are due to obesity or being overweight, even slightly overweight, so that to me says okay, this is the guy I want behind it because he can say this is the cause for you feeling this way or this is the reason why you are out of breath when you walk, you know, to the mailbox. If we correct this, it snowballs in a positive direction instead of a negative direction.

Dr. Nair: It certainly does and you know we are looking at it from head to toe, we are looking at their lifestyle, we are looking at every aspect of their medical history, and by the time that we are done and near the goal that we need to be at, these individuals have that positive outlook. They have the tools necessary to go forward and they realize that they truly do have the power within them to carry this forward and to be off a lot of these medications. You know, there is a way in which we can always harness that power simply by being in connection with our physicians, by having regularly checkups, but you know, I want them to learn that they truly don’t need that, they really have it within themselves.

Interviewer: They have it within themselves. We are going to talk a little bit more about the emotional impact, the confidence factor, we are going to talk about all that with Dr. Nair, BODi. The phone lines are open, 571-5263. If you have a question for the doctor, give us a buzz and we will be right back on WAVE 3 Listens.

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