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Body Massage

At BODi Louisville, each massage therapy session is customized to your individual needs at the time of your appointment. Whether you have an ongoing ache/pain, injury, or just need to take a break, massage therapy is here for you. 

Techniques combined and used most often are Swedish Massage (kneading), trigger point therapy (relaxing/removing knots in muscle) and myofascial release (sustained passive stretching). 

Our therapist has been in practice for over ten years here in the Louisville area. Schedule your appointment and feel better today!

Benefits of a body massage?

Body massages can reduce stress, alleviate muscle pain, improve circulation, enhance flexibility, and promote relaxation.

Age restrictions for body massages?

There are no strict age restrictions, but minors may need parental consent or supervision during a massage session.

Can I eat before a massage session?

It’s best to have a light meal or snack a few hours before your massage to avoid discomfort, but heavy meals are not recommended.

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