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Cellular Face Lift With PRP

PRP is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. Because PRP is a concentrated source of autologous (from you) platelets it contains and releases seven different growth factors that can stimulate soft tissue (collagen) naturally.

PRP contains three proteins in blood: Fibrin, Fibronectin, and Vitronectin. All three of these proteins work to adhere cells to one another, thus creating a matrix that encourages collagen growth.

Remember, collagen is the structure and scaffolding in your face. Simply said, PRP takes advantage of the normal healing pathways at an accelerated rate.

Is PRP Face Lift a surgical procedure?

No, it’s a non-surgical treatment.

Benefits of a PRP Cellular Face Lift?

Benefits include reduced wrinkles, improved skin tone, and a more youthful appearance without invasive surgery.

How long do the results of a PRP Cellular Face Lift last?

Results can vary, but many people enjoy the benefits for several months to over a year with occasional touch-up treatments.

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