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Oxygen Facial

Vitamin C-3: this helps with texture, hyperpigmentation, and prevents future sun damage.

Collagen: this helps to contour, lift, and firm our skin.

Antioxidant: (green smoothie) this is ideal for tired, stressed, and allergy sufferers. This helps to revitalize and balance dull skin tone.

Vitamin A: this helps with sun damage, visible pores, blemishes, and deep wrinkles.

Add atoxelene to ANY oxygen therapy treatment

Rejuvenate – this is recommended for all skin types. Helps with dehydrated/dull skin, premature aging, and firming.
Opulence – this is recommended for textured, sun damaged skin. Helps with brightening the appearance of uneven skin tones, tightening, and softening fine lines/wrinkles.

This helps target specific areas such as expression lines, around the eyes, lips, and forehead to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How many oxygen facial sessions are needed for results?

While you may notice immediate benefits, a series of oxygen facial sessions is recommended for longer-lasting results.

Is an oxygen facial painful?

Oxygen facials are not painful; they are typically relaxing and comfortable.

Can an oxygen facial address uneven skin tone?

Yes, oxygen facials can help reduce hyperpigmentation and promote an even skin tone.

Oxygen Facial Louisville

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